1998 BMW 528



February, 3, 2010 AT 7:55 PM

Brakes problem
1998 BMW 528 4 cyl Automatic 170000 miles

my brake pad light and one of my brake lights came on, but there were no lights out. I took my car for new brakes and they also put new rooters. The brake pad light never went off and the next day my car started making this clicking noise. I took the car back and they said the brake pads they used were generic ad they didnt come with a semsor so the light wont go off unless I get a whole new setof brakes with sensors from bmw.I need to know if the clicking noise is due to the wrong brakes being put on and why the warning light never went off.

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August, 19, 2010 AT 8:11 AM

Well first off you don't need to buy another set of pads. The brake sensor can be ordered separately. And no the clicking noise could not be from the " wrong" brake pads. Remember the clicking was there before the brake pads were replaced. The most common issue with the light is the the brake pad sensor breaks. Because of the heat they become brittle after so much mileage. The clicking is not an issue with your breaks

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