BMW 330



September, 11, 2007 AT 1:55 AM


I have a 2001 BMW 330i with 105,000 miles with a 6 cyl engine.

The rear tail and brakes lights are no longer working. At first the brake lights stopped working one by one. Now no tail lights work at all except the license plate and truck lights.

I have checked the fuses and bulbs themselves and they appear fine. Can you please help me?

Thank you!


3 Answers


Dr. Hagerty

September, 11, 2007 AT 10:19 PM

Remove the connectors at the rear light assemblies and inspect for corrosion and melted plastic at the connectors and the tail light assemblies



October, 12, 2008 AT 10:44 PM

We had similar problem with the 2003 model and
had to replace the lighting control module.



October, 29, 2008 AT 1:49 PM

I had a similar problem but with just one taillight. After several trips to the dealer who replaced the bulb each time which subsequently went out again after a few days, I took it to a local repair shop and he identified a loose ground wire. Without going through to entire electrical system to fine the loose wire, he just added a ground wire and the lights have been fine now for 3 years.

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