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I own a 2000 BMW 328I with 75K miles on it. Make gas tank guage recently failed as well as the passenger seat belt lock so I took the car to the dealership. While there to have those items looked at I also had them check my sunshade as it had gone off track.

I received a call with the following repair recommendations and costs.

Gas Guage Float. One side not working must replace both floats.$1000
Passenger Seat Belt.$429
SunGuard.$1163 (to replace clips and put back on track)
Additional items with no symptoms but stated repair needed:
Thrusrod Bushing.$800 (something to do with breaking system. Just had front brakes repaired 5K miles ago)
Oil Cover Gasket.$450 (note no leaks at all showing on garage floor or visually when looking at engine)
Power Steering Belt $700 (note. Had 2 relaced 10K miles ago)

1. The pricing seems exhorbinate am I being taken advantage of.
2. Both brakes and power steering were repaired within 10k miles and 2 years ago. Why are these items failing. Or are they?
3. With 75K miles (i put on about 5K miles per year) is it even worth it to repair items other than seat belt. Total cost is approximately $4500. Is it even worth it?
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Friday, July 6th, 2007 AT 12:28 PM

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Answer to question#1 you only get taken advantage of when you allow it, did you have any repairs done while you were there?#2 the car you described does not have thrust arm bushings, it has lower control arm brackets and yes they typically fail at the age and mileage you stated.$800 is too much by far.I would fix the seat belt as it is a safety issue and make a request for a discount.#3 no it is not in my mind. Drive the car and fix what breaks. If it is not broke don't fix it
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Saturday, July 21st, 2007 AT 4:00 PM

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