1995 Audi Cabriolet


T Jerry D

July, 17, 2008 AT 11:12 AM

Electrical problem
1995 Audi Cabriolet 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 110, 00 miles

front, driver side window will not go up (locked in down position)
console on driver side (door) not responsive
console / switch in center operates, but only 3 windows (not driver side)
removed door console, checked switches, they are functioning.

Now what?

is there an emergency manual over-ride for the driver side window?


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August, 29, 2009 AT 12:23 PM

Had the same problem today, haven't fixed the problem but did manage to get the window wound up.

After downloading various wiring diagrams I realised that by wiring pin 1 (black and red wire (2 of)) to positive and Pin 2 (Yellow and Blue wires (2 of) to negative the window will wind up.

How you achieve this will depend on what tools and equipment you have to hand.

In my case (I have a right-hand drive 1997 cabrio) I wired a cigarette lighter connector to 2 spade connectors. The middle of the cigarette lighter connector is usually positive and the outside rim contact is usually negative.

I removed and disconnected the driver side door handle switches and inserted the appropriate spades into the appropriate 2 spade connectors for the driver's side window switch, they are close together (one above the other) and on the right as you look at them but you can make sure by checking the wiring colours as left hand drive is probably the opposite.

Once I had inserted the spades and checked a couple of times the polarity was correct I plugged in the cigarette lighter connector and the window wound up no problem. This way you don't have to switch on the ignition circuit and the cigarette lighter connector usually has a fuse to protect against a short in the motor or motor wiring.



August, 30, 2009 AT 11:31 AM

Further to my temp fix I have now resolved the issue.

The fault history was thus, occasionally upon start-up the driver door window switches (didn't check the passenger door one) wouldn't work. The master window switch on the central column next to the cigarette lighter would still operate most windows excluding the driver's window. After between 2 - 10 mins the window switches would begin to work and the centre switch would also operate the driver's window.

The fault was traced to the window control module which occupies a double relay bay adjacent to the steering column behind the dash shelf on the driver's side.


You can't really miss it; it has a 367 printed in large number on the end.

Per advice I found on audiworld I disconnected the module when the ignition was off and took it to my shed for inspection. slid off the plastic cover and found a dry solder joint (was clearly visible no test meter required) on one of the side circuit boards.

Broke out the solder iron and some lightweight solder, heated the joint cleaned with some flux paste and added a reasonable blob of solder. To be honest the joint wasn't the best I've ever done but I plugged the module back in and hey presto - back in business - SIMPLES!



February, 18, 2013 AT 2:39 PM

Wullimac your a star ive had this ongoing problem for months now ive decidied to look online for a solution for your psoting and located dry join quick blob of solder and hey presto fixed as a new module is 187+ from audi lol thank u once again



March, 3, 2013 AT 3:51 PM

You guys just saved my butt. Its snowing and cold here. I cover my stuck window for the night then used the cigeratte lighter method to get it up. (Except I used my jumper cables instead) my lighter was only putting out 5 volts. (Garmin charger) Next up is the solder joint. THANKS AGAIN ALL



March, 10, 2013 AT 4:12 PM

And.I just found that weak solider joint excatly where you said it would be. Thanks a billion.



January, 16, 2016 AT 7:01 AM

I have the same problem ref drivers side window not working. Does anyone know a good mechanic prepared to do the repair, I am in sw London?

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