Audi A4



November, 21, 2007 AT 12:07 PM

Vehicle Details
Make: AUDI Color GREY
Model: A4 TDI QUATTRO SE Body Type 4 DOOR
Year: 2001 - new shape
Mileage: 100,000
Engine Size: 2.5 TDI V6

Hi there,
I hope you can help me, I have donated $10 to your company for a speedy response.
I recently took my car for a repair. I had the Radiator and Cooling Fan system replaced completely. A week having driven the car with no problems, suddenly I have a new problem. I am having trouble starting the car regardless of the time of day and whether it is a cold start or not. The engine just turns and turns, struggling fo a while before it finally starts. It feels like its not going to start. When it does finally start I have the red brake warning light flash three consecutive times on the instrument panel accompanied with three rather ear aching beeps. Not all the time, but sometimes, the red brake warning light is accompanied by the orange Battery light. I am concerned that one day the bugger won't start and will leave me stranded. It seems to be getting worse and the engine is turning more slowly and for longer before it fires up. Once the car is started, its fine. Any ideas? : (

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Anthony Rossides


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November, 21, 2007 AT 1:03 PM

Do you have a check engine light On or has flashed.

When was the last major tune-up?

Confirm that your battery connections are clean and tight. If so have the alternator and battery load tested. This is to check whether the alternator is putting out or the battery is taking the charge. Could be both problem at the same time.

How old is the battery?



November, 22, 2007 AT 7:59 AM

Hi Rasmataz, thank you for your speedy response.

I don't have a check engine light on or flashing. I don't know when the last tune up was although I had a cambelt change a year ago. Not sure whether they would have done a tune up then?

Battery connections are tight and battery load ok. Will have the alternator checked althouh I recently had a VAG COM check and there were no fault codes. So I think the alternator is ok.

Not sure how old the battery is but I have had the car for three years and it has not been changed. Although saying that, the charge holds well.

I am taking my car to the garage soon for a VAG COM check. My garage is kind enough to do this for free considering they just done some work on my car which cost me nearly 900, (radiator and cooling fan replacement).

I have been on other Audi forums and read similar problems to mine and it seems to point to air or oxygen ratios or something technical like that and also referring to ABS system. But what would explain the struggling start of the engine every time?

Your input would be greatlyappreciated.

My garage seemed to be a bit confused as to what may be causing the starting problem.



November, 22, 2007 AT 4:49 PM

Get the coolant temperature sensor and fuel system pressure check

O2 sensor have them check whether they switching properly from lean to rich and rich to lean-

During initial cold starts the CTS tells the computer that the engine needs fuel enrichment-once the CTS comes up with its normal temperature-the oxygen sensor takes over the air and fuel demand during all operating conditions.

Its always a good practice to scan the computer for code/s even if the check engine light is not coming On. Need more help, all you got to do is ask-

Happy Thanksgiving

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