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1990 Audi 80 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

How can I change the front wheel bearing Audi 80 1990 4 cyl 2.0 ohc engine?

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On all except 90 models with 5-cylinder engine and some 80 models with 4-cylinder engine, strut is an integral part of bearing carrier. On these models, strut must be removed from vehicle. See STRUT ASSEMBLY in this article.
On 80 and 90 models with 2-piece strut/bearing housing assembly, remove brake caliper and hang aside. Remove brake caliper bracket. Disconnect ball joint and remove 2 bearing housing-to-strut assembly bolts. Remove hub-to-axle shaft bolt. Using Puller (VAG1389), press axle shaft from bearing housing. Remove housing from vehicle.
On all models, using Bearing Remover/Installer (VW 295a), Adapter (VW420) and Adapter (VW412), press wheel hub from bearing housing. Using a bearing puller and Bearing Remover/Installer (VW295a), remove wheel bearing inner race from hub assembly. Remove bearing inner and outer circlips. Using Bearing Remover/Installer (40-20), press wheel bearing from housing.
NOTE:Models with 82-mm wheel bearings use only an outer circlip.

Install bearing inner circlip (if equipped). Using Press Adapter (VW 411) and Installer (40-20), press new bearing into bearing housing. Install bearing outer circlip.
Press wheel hub into bearing housing using Adapter (40-21). To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.
NOTE:When installing hub, ensure press adapter contacts ONLY inner bearing race.

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