1982 AMC Spirit



October, 19, 2010 AT 11:47 PM

Noises problem
1982 AMC Spirit

The serpentine belt on my 82 amc spirit is squealing like crazy. My dad and I thought it was slipping so we put a tad of belt conditioner on it, and it didn't really help. So we took my idler pulley off and put some WD-40 on the bearings and put it back on, still squeals. So finally I take it to my local auto shop. The only adjustment to tighten the belt, is on the alternator, and its all the way out, BUT, that belt is fairly new (maybe a month) and its the belt made for my car. So the mechanic says that the best bet is to get a new belt. My belt seems a tad loose, so my dad and I are gunna drill a hole right underneath the original hole in the idler pulley arm and push it down a little bit to tighten my belt, and see if that fixes it. If not, will I have to buy a new belt or new pulleys or what?

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October, 30, 2010 AT 9:48 AM

You really shouldn't have to drill holes tostop a belt from squealing. It's either the wrong belt or something is out of order. The alternator adjustment shouldn't be all the way out. These belts like all belts come indifferent lengths. If you got one that is an inch shorter for instance that can fix your problem. You might have the belt routed wrong as well. If you come back tothesite and look under popular sitelinks there is belt routing diagrams there and you just type in the info there and it should pop up the way your belt is supposed to be routed. Try that first before fooling around and drilling holes as you may cause other problems.

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