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June, 1, 2006 AT 9:02 PM

I am Lee and a retired owner for 40 + years. I am also an administrator for the forum. I live in Biloxi Ms and I am an ASE master mechanic.

It is good to have you as there are a lot of Ford questions. I would like you to to go to unanswered posts and post some replies. There is a mixture of questions and a lot of them are clueless. Just use your skills to provide a good short answer.

Make sure they respond to the generic blurb: " For us to be able to assist you, it is absolutely necessary for you to include the make, model, year and mileage of your car.&Quot;

You will see some that post a long question and end up do you think it is my battery?

Please feel free to E mail me at losone@cableone. Net

My screen name is losone which is my first name but I go by Lee Thanks again!


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June, 2, 2006 AT 12:21 AM

What part of Ohio?
I'm Tony aka peppermrj from Pittsburgh, Pa.
I hope you enjoy your time here. : )



June, 2, 2006 AT 2:05 AM

Hey. Im from the cleveland ohio area. I was not made a ford moderator as I requested, only gm but I have knowledge in both. I actually have knowledge in all the forums execpt BMW, so you could really add me to all of them. But could you guys deff add me as a ford moderator please? Anyway I have seen all the posts short and long and in between, and I have seen your generic post about the make and model and everything, I will sure do that. Anyway losone you answered my one question when I joined and I'm so thankful for that, now I might have a question to ask one of you guys every now and then. Im not perfect : ) thanks again! My name is Lee to! Also I would go through all the posts and answer what I can. Between us, some of the questions make no sence, but il see what I can do!

Thanks again guys for having me aboard.



June, 2, 2006 AT 12:02 PM

You don't have to be a moderator to answer any question. I am only on a couple but like you I don't car for BMW's and off course Renault since I got a post from a gentleman in England asking where the " bonnet" latch was.

I answer them all as I see some of the questions I want to answer. I have been doing a lot of A/C questions. There is such a variety of questions it can become addictive. I have well over 1100 posts behind me.

The next time I am in that part of the forum I will add you as a moderator to more areas. Thanks and good luck



June, 3, 2006 AT 5:23 AM

Thank you.



June, 4, 2006 AT 6:17 PM

Hey guys, I was going through the dodge forum and nocited there wasnt any modterator for the dodge forum. Would someone like to make me one? If not thats ok to.

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