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February, 5, 2007 AT 5:13 AM

My car is citreon saxo 1.1i 1998 milage at the moment roughly over 100,000.

I started to get gargling noise from the front of the car, so I took it to my mechanic and he popped open the coolant (whilst running) and he said oil is leaking in to the coolant after smelling then washing his hads. He diagnosed it as head gasket needed to be replaced.

He advised to drive it until it dont start one morning which I believe can start to damage the pistons and put a hole in the engine (which then leads to no point in keeping it)

Anywho I am wondering whether I should get it replace or not yet. Its only recently had service, ball barions replaced, ball joints replace (due to grinding noise up on turning and driving).

Also I seem to get that same noise when turning left but they saying there is nothing wrong with it, it may just be one of those noises that are to be solved.

The break dont seem very sharp even after bleeding ect. But said nothing wrong with them.

i hear many noises which I have read up in my repair book to have checked. Which ive been told nothing to worry about the car is safe to drive.

Im just looking for advise on possible problems there is to have fix or basically whether I should scrap the car and get a new one otherwise ill put it in for a new head gasket tomorrow or within the next couple days. Thank you best regards.

P.S If you need me to take pictures of any part of the car and insert them let me know.

As im not sure what im looking for to check for problems under the hood.

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Bruce Hunt

February, 5, 2007 AT 3:59 PM

Not familiar with that vehicle, but an engine is still an engine so. The judgement on whether to repair is yours. The noise on the front when turning the car, is it like a clikcking noise?

On the head, there is no way I would drive that because as the coolant gets in to the oil, the oil is now fighting an impurity and one that tries to leave a sticky residue. So, one lubes and the other will try to stick if allowed to dry. Not a good combo. There is a chance the engine could have a crack but I would venture that the head will need to be planed and checked for cracks. New head gasket, coolant flush, and oil change.



February, 5, 2007 AT 4:10 PM

When starting, she starts up as normal no unusual noise that I know of.

I was on the phone to my mechanic today and he said it now may not even be the gasket could be another part of it. I just dont want to pay for all this and they find worse and then ive lost the money.

But when one of them opened the coolant and it burst out over his hands he smelt it and said oil washed his hands dried them then rubbed them together and again said yep oil, then he said look into under the hood and showed oil marks and rubbed it off another part.

I mean hes worked on my car(S) and family cars so ive had alot of trust in him/them and am wondering whether the are telling me things incorrectly. And I assume no pics would help, I would record it but you may nt be able to hear it over the engine noise?

Thank you for your time and help it is gratefully appreciated


Bruce Hunt

February, 6, 2007 AT 9:51 AM

Noise in front.

You should be able to look at the oil and see if there is water in it. Drain the oil, let it set and they will seperate. Looking at the radiator you should be able to check for oil in the radiator or the overflow. Do some snooping yourself. Don't always rely on the mechanic. Get down and dirty.



February, 8, 2007 AT 2:34 PM

Just an update, removed lower hose pipe from radiator and let it all drain out, there was lots of oil in it, so flushed it put fresh antifreeze/water in and bled the system, since that so far noise has gone car drives smoother. Just waiting to see how it gose ad if oil gets back in as the previous owner may have had a leak fixed it but didnt flush.

Thanks for your help bruce most appreciated.

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