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May, 15, 2007 AT 9:33 PM

1970 AMC Ambassador SST, 79000, 360.

My question is simple, and it is two part, 1) Brakes go to the floor, it has drum and shoe brakes front and back, replaced rear, cant pull of drum on front any ideas why? Possibly bled. 2) The shocks on the rear, standard shock coupling on the bottom follow it up to the top and it appears to go into the trunk only to find that it is not, any ideas on how to change them? Thanks for all the help read a lot of forums, and u seem to be great at this.


3 Answers


Service Writer

May, 16, 2007 AT 10:10 AM

I was 8 years old when this was built, but I'll give some insights as best I can.

We do have a bunch of old : mrgreen: retired Mods here that can probably help out on this : P

somtimes you need to back off the adjustment on the adjuster to get the drum off as the shoes will hold it in place if a ridge is present on the drum. Somtimes they bond to the hub. I have had good success at whacking the drum between the studs with a big hammer to break it free. I am assuming that it isn't held on by the axle nut as some are.

My guess on the shock it that you'll either need to pull back on the apolstry or remove the wheel well, really not sure on that.



October, 19, 2009 AT 10:31 PM

Try hitting around the edges of the drum with a hard rubber or leather mallet. That way you wont crack it. Most likely the car hasn't been services in a while and that is common. As far as the shock goes, there could be a plate or hole under the body the shock bolts to, just covered in 39 yrs of dirt and rust. Get a under there with a good light and puddy knife to get all the crud off to find out.



October, 20, 2009 AT 2:37 PM

Fronts have WHEEL bearing and hub and drum pressed together, remove the dust cap, cotter pin, nut and outer bearing, then remove the drum, You might still need to back off on the starwheel adjuster too.

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