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November, 25, 2006 AT 8:57 AM

Hello everyone I am going to have the clutch replaced on my santa fe shortly as it is begining to slip I have heard that this model is fitted with a dual mass flywheel and was wondering if this should be replaced as I am unsure of the life expectancy of one of these flywheels whatever it does anyway?

thanks in advance


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November, 29, 2006 AT 10:04 AM

While I'm not an expert on modern cars, I can't imagine why you'd need to replace the flywheel, unless you are simply wanting to replace it with a lighter weight flywheel for better performance.

In old cars, the flywheel serves several purposes: 1) provide inertia to keep the engine idling smoothly (keep the crankshaft spinning more evenly)
2) a large gear (the ring gear pressed onto the flywheel) to give a low-torque way of turning the engine (for the starter to start the engine)
3) a surface for the clutch pressure plate to mate with and for the clutch cover to bolt to.

Unless the flywheel or ring gear is severely damaged, I see no reason why you'd need to replace it.

I'm not sure what a " dual mass" flywheel is, but in any case, I'm pretty sure it serves the same purposes I described above in a modern car as well.


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