2004 Acura TSX Is Acura screwing me?

  • 2004 ACURA TSX
Air Conditioning problem
2004 Acura TSX 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 120000 miles


Yesterday I took my car to Acura to get a power steering recall done on my car. I drove it off the lot, with the air conditioning working fine, got about 10 miles away, stopped at a stop sign and the engine started sputtering and the RPMs would fall and quickly rise back to normal about every 2 seconds. Steam rose from the hood, and a loud constant squeek came from the engine. I pulled into a parking lot and saw one of the belts was not working. I checked it and it was very loose. (Background info: I asked them to check my belts during the recall, which they did, and said they were just fine). In the parking lot, I called Acura (they were closed) then drove my car back to Acura.

During the drive back, my power steering went out, the radio shut off, and my dashboard started lighting up one by one, first the battery light, then the engine light, then AVS, Brake, and I think a few more. The car smelled like it was burning, once I pulled into Acura and turned off the ignition it started seaming like crazy. I raised the hood and it looked like the steam was coming from the anti-freeze container and it looked empty.

I get a call from Acura today saying that the AC Compresser locked up solid, which broke a belt, which lead to all that other stuff happening. They were looking up my service history and saw that they recommended I get the AC Compressor fixed aout a year ago, and their records show that I declined this recommendation, which must have been the problem that started it all.

Little did they know, that when I declined it from them, I took it to another place to get it fixed and the air has worked fine for the last 14 months.

They are saying the AC Compressor will charge me 1,400. And that the mechanic couldnt have done anything wrong during the recall and that it was coincidental that it happened right after they did service work.

The Acura Service person said the AC stopped working which made everything else stop working, but how could that be when I drove the car to and from the dealership with the AC working?

Are they screwing me?
Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, June 25th, 2010 AT 10:06 AM

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There are unscrupulous mechanics out there, I don't think any of them would go to such lengths, and after some thought, the way to do that is to remove the freon, jump the compressor clutch to engage it permanently, then keep it running until the clutch locks up. Too much trouble if you ask me.
I would go to the place that installed the compressor and see if they have some sort of warranty or something they could do to help you with a new compressor.
I can assure you that performing the power steering recall does not involve any other system aside from the power steering itself
Was this
Saturday, June 26th, 2010 AT 12:18 PM

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