Why would a leaking battery cause an overheating problem

1998 Acura RL, 150k miles, 6cl.

Recently we had our battery and oil changed at valvoline and the next day our car over heated and split a hose. We replaced the hose at a local repair shop, but two days later the car was overheating again. After letting it cool a bit, we started the car only to have it stall out immediately. We took it to the dealership and they found a hole in the new battery that had been replaced by valvoline. The dealer checked for any additional damage and returned the car. On the way home from the dealership, the car overheated once again. They said it had no fluid, we need a new radiator, and they need to check the engine for severe damage. How did getting a new battery lead to all this trouble? Is the repair shop responsible for letting us drive a car they said was fixed? What happened? Please help. :( Lovelee
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Wednesday, August 8th, 2007 AT 11:54 AM

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I cringe at the fact you go to valvoline for starters. Why do you let the inexperienced work on your car? Second, stop going to different folks for work. Find a qualified independent shop and just stay with them. Loyalty means something to shops. You are more apt to be taken care of when a problem arises. Now your probably not going to get much help from any of them.

My guess is there was a problem on the horizon before the battery was replaced. I fear a headgasket situation that caused the hose to split and the radiator to rupture. The cylinders are probalby exposed to the cooling system and pressurizing it. I don't know where the dealer was coming from when they tied the overheating into a hole in the battery. That hole in itself sounds strange.
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Wednesday, August 8th, 2007 AT 12:06 PM

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