2001 Acura CL



August, 2, 2010 AT 4:51 PM

Suspension problem
2001 Acura CL 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 112000 miles

I have aftermarket sport springs on my car. I found out a few days ago that the passenger side rear spring is broken. I don't think I will keep the car longer than 6-8 months, so I hesitate to spend $1200 I am being quoted to: Re-install the original springs that I have (all 4, since they are different height than the current ones on the car) and install new struts at the same time.

1. Can I get awy with only replacing the one broken spring? Or do I have to, at minimum, replace both rear springs at the same time?
2. How can I obtain 1 replacement spring? And how do I ensure it is compatible with the other 3 that are currently on the car?
3. I see sets of 4 new sport springs being sold on eBay for $90 (incl shipping to NY). How do I know if they are any good? What questions about specs can I ask?

FYI, the current springs are Comptech Sport Springs (that lower the car) - but Comptech doesn't make them anymore.


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Service Writer

August, 3, 2010 AT 5:25 AM

If you are moving the car on, then cost is the primarly factor.

In the perfect world you would replace springs in pairs. We have done single springs with no appearent problems. I would just do the one side and see how the ride height is. Replace the other side if the height is off. Let the spring relax for a few weeks before deciding.

Good question on getting one spring that is the same.

If you end up having to buy a full set, just give the additional springs to the new owner when you sell.

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