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1997 Acura CL V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 179000 miles

Hello. The factory alarm on my car has started going of at random quite frequently. I know I can shut it off my unlocking my door. But how can I permanently solve the problem? Sometimes it will be going off all night and I will not hear it - which causes some tension between me and the other residents living in my apartment complex, not to mention my landlord who has threatened to tow my car. (Yikes!)

Can I replace the fuse connected with the alarm system? Will that fix the problem? If not, what should I do? According to my owner's manual, the alarm system and door locks are located on the same fuse so disabling it altogether is not an option.

What would you suggest?

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 AT 5:31 PM

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There have been problems with some models of the the keyless remotes that makes the panic button very sensitive.
Try removing the keyless remote's battery to confirm if you have that problem.
Other than that, you might have an aftermarket alarm and if that's the case the only thing I could suggest is removing the horn's fuse every night. That will stop the noise but your lights will still flash when the alarm trips.

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 AT 2:37 PM

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