Recently had to take car to mechanic becuase it.

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Recently had to take car to mechanic becuase it would not strart, tried but never fired up. The engine had a warranty from a recent incident so we took it back to there. Well they said they had to replace the head gasket because we ran the car so hot it melted the tabs or something like that and that that voided the warranty and melted all kinds of wires. The only time the car ever ran hot was right after we got it back from them the last time and we took it back they changed the radiator cap no problems. It's been a couple months since that overheating and I'm familiar with all the signs of an overheating car and it did not overheat the day or night before it stopped running. Turns out they had to replace engine again and was going to split cost with place engine came from but then we had to pay 300 for new head gaskets. Ok they fire up the car and it won't run right bad gas. Seems like someone put detergent in tank and they didn't know so when they fired it up it messed up all kinds of things in the new motor and stuff. Fused the pisten to the cylinder he said and now all of a sudden we have to replace a fuel pump as well wich is another 350. My question is can soap do all this and why do I have to replace a fuel pump that obviously must have worked when I brought it there because it pumped gas to the new engine right? I feel like i'm being jerked around and my warranty is being drug out of my pocket in other ways. Any help oh this please.
Friday, March 29th, 2013 AT 11:35 AM

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2013? Why do you not have factory warranty?

Was this
Friday, March 29th, 2013 AT 11:38 AM

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