My car is starting only some of the time

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My car is starting only some of the time. It does the same thing in cold and warm conditions. When I turn the key you hear a winding noise, as if the bendix on the starter is spining but not extending to engage the rest of the motor. I took the starter out and had it electrically tested several times at autozone and everything worked fine there. I tore the starter apart and the plastic lever that goes from the solenoid to the shaft of the bendix was broken so I replaced that and reinstalled the starter in the care. It started once or twice but then the same thing happened. The car makes a winding sound like the bendix is spinning and but not extending to grab anything. Is there some other part of the car that sends a signal to the solenoid on the starter that tells it to extend? A relay or something that may be going bad? The car battery seems to be ok and once the car is running it runs fine no stuttering or anything. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

My thought would be that the plastic piece broke again and is not extending the arm attached to the bendix.
Sunday, November 18th, 2012 AT 10:50 AM

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The solenoid is the one pushing the bendix forward to engage. If the bendix is extending, the problem could be with the oneway clutch of the starter pinion gear.
Was this
Sunday, November 18th, 2012 AT 12:07 PM

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