2009 Jeep Liberty



May, 22, 2011 AT 5:07 PM

Details. 3.5 v6 limited. 63,000mi

new cooler and air condenser, brakes, oil change & filter.

Engine light came on recently. Not sure what is wrong. All fluids are good, except power steering is low.

It has had 0 problems as of late. All I could sense was 2-fold;

1)during cold-start, car ticks for 2 minutes. It eventually goes away. I assume that is because the oil has not been sucked up into the engine yet.

2)This is a problem more at idle/park. Car has faint smell of burning. Almost electrically. I notice it on the drivers-side more. I probably smell it more in park because the wind is not blowing it away quickly enough. But it is not a normal smell.

My gas cap has been looked at. Engine oil seems fine. I am unsure if the car is running hotter than normal but the thermometer has moved just passed halfway leaning toward hot.

research has been closely related to issues of o2 sensors, egr's, lifters, emissions.

your help is greatly appreciated.



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May, 22, 2011 AT 6:04 PM

Thermostat could be off or your fan clutch is going bad? Extra heat can produce lots of smells.



May, 22, 2011 AT 6:05 PM

You may have several issues happening

Two seem to be the most pressing,

You need to go to a Popular Parts Store, and have the vehicle "Coded", Your computer is alerting you, that there is a problem. Somewhere!

With the codes "Read", sometimes the parts store can diagnose what is going on (they do well, in my area) Or you can bring the codes back here, and we will try to diagnose them.

Depending on the issue, it very well may be the answer to your other symptoms.

The other sorta pressing issue is the rise in your temperature (might be the smell, you are having). This smell could be a slight oil leak on your valve cover, etc.--Getting on the exhaust and burning. Must investigate anything that you can see.

Other than that, insure your cooling fan is operating, Your radiator juice (coolant) is full and correctly mixed, more involved might be your thermostat, or the radiator needing to be Professionally Cleaned to remove deposits and build-up. If it's been getting hotter in your area, this may be the reason for the rising temp gauge

Keep an eye on it, we Definitely DO NOT WANT TO OVERHEAT. This may cause engine damage. That too, may be something as simple as a bad sending unit. Or NOT!

If it gets higher, pulling over and shutting him down, till it gets cooler. Then drive and watch the gauge. This may save your engine, until it's straightened out!

The very 1st thing you need to do is the CODING!

The Medic



May, 22, 2011 AT 11:32 PM

As I mentioned, 2 months ago I needed a new ac condenser. Unfortunately for my Liberty, the ac condenser also meant buying the cooler since they were ALL 1 PIECE.

Today, I noticed, surprisingly, that my radiator fan was not even turning(the problem) and its associated fuse was blown. I bought a new fuse, installed it, turned on the car, and immediately the fan turned but the fan motor started smoking and burnt the fuse out again in IDLE.

I assume that the fuse is not the problem?(It is the right specs).
Do I need a new radiator fan or just the motor?
Could there a problem in wiring from the radiator fan to the fuse?

Given I just had a new ac condenser and cooler put in, would there be some way I could get the mechanic to split the price. Is there any connection to installing new parts(ac) affecting others(fan)? Wouldnt there have been signs of damage 2 months ago. I have had nothing that would have caused such damage to the fan.

Thanks for all your help and comments. I am new to this forum and will definitely pass it on.




May, 23, 2011 AT 12:50 AM

Just went to 3 parts stores on-line, your motor must be a dealer item, at this time.

I did find this, look towards the bottom


Maybe one of these after market fans will fit yours......for less $$$, than the dealer.

I would think that after months of working, this issue is probably not related to the other....unless

I would make sure that the fan did spin freely and was not installed "IN A BIND" or not rubbing on something, as to make it work harder, than it should have....it may be messed up internally, all on it's own, from wear

To maybe FACTOR OUT, another issue, causing the fuse to blow. This might rule the "Smoking Motor" as being the Entire problem. Try this:

Crank it up, with a new fuse, when the fan comes on---immediately unplug the fan......Your radiator is not being fan cooled now!!!!

Let it run for a minute or so (duplicating the length of time it ran before, with the fan) DO NOT LET IT RUN A LOT MORE THAN THAT---DON'T WANT TO REALLY OVERHEAT THE VEHICLE!!!

Shut it down, inspect the fuse, did it blow, with the fan unplugged?

I suspect it is the fan motor, either as described above, or it's bearings, etc. just shelled out, all by itself.

If you do not want the dealer price, try the after market stuff, or a automotive salvage yard might be the answer...Other vehicles may have the same fan motor, the salvage yard guys can help you with that....I have found you do "Better" at smaller self serve type salvage yard.

The Medic

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