2009 Daihatsu Sirion



April, 21, 2012 AT 8:47 PM


I have a potential problem but I'm not sure, my owner's manual is in german which I barely understand. I have a Daihatsu Sirion and it has 2 cooling related icons on the dashboard. One has the letter "H" next to a thermostat, the other has the letter "C" next to a thermostat. When I start the engine when it's cold, the thermostat with the C icon turns green for a few minutes, after which it goes off again. If I start the engine when the engine is hot and has been running a while, this doesn't happen. What does this mean? It seems to just indicate that the engine is cold, which would be normal, but then it seems pointless to have an icon there to tell me this. Is there anything I should do? I've driven over 1000 kilometres since I first noticed this and am not really sure if it was there since day 1; I haven't had this car for that long.

The german description of the icon is short but as follows:
In der Stellung "ON" des Zundschalters wird die gegenwartige Wahlhebelposition durch die Anzeigelampe angezeigt.

I thought it meant something like low cooling fluid so I refilled that, but light remains on.

Any ideas?


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April, 21, 2012 AT 8:56 PM

We have no references to this vehicle -however check and test the engine coolant temperature sensor-

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