Replace rack and pinion

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Replace rack and pinion
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Siphon the power steering fluid from the power steering reservoir.

NOTE: The steering column on vehicles with an automatic transmission may not be equipped with an internal locking shaft that allows the ignition key cylinder to be locked with the key. Alternative methods of locking the steering wheel for service will have to be used.

Lock the steering wheel to prevent spinning of the clockspring.

Disconnect the battery (3).
Remove the battery See: Starting and Charging Battery Service and Repair Removal and Replacement Battery - Removal.
Unclip the power center (2) and move it to the side out of the way to access the battery tray (1).
Remove the battery tray (1) See: Starting and Charging Battery Battery Tray Service and Repair Battery Tray - Removal.

Remove the lower intermediate shaft coupler pinch bolt and slide the coupler off the gear.
Raise and support the vehicle.
Remove the tire and wheel assembly.

NOTE: Mark the alignment adjusting cams and tie rod end jam nuts on the steering gear for easier installation.

Remove the tie rod end nuts.
Separate tie rod ends from the knuckles with Puller C-3894-A.

Remove the power steering lines (1&2) from the gear (3).

Remove the mounting bolts (2) from the gear (1) to the front cradle.
Remove the left front lower suspension arm cam/bolt and lower the control arm enough to get the axle mounting bracket bolt out. This must be done to remove the axle mounting bracket.
Remove the axle mounting bracket.
Remove the oil filter and trough.
Put the steering gear in the full right position and lower the gear out of the vehicle.
Remove the steering gear (1) from the vehicle.
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