2008 Buick Lucerne



January, 1, 2012 AT 4:16 AM

Took my Lucerne back to my dealer. The noise was not as loud as the first time. They were very nice. After about an hour wait they told me they replaced an exhaust hanger or two, said the exhaust pipe was just touching a body/frame member.

Made a difference.

Still makes a slight noise but now that I've started paying attention, my 1994 Park Ave tends to do the same thing. Not as noticeable but, it is there.

Think I will leave well enough alone. Not really bothersome now, just noticeable. Still like the PA much more than the Lucerene.

Dealer was very attentive and pleasant to work with through the whole thing. In fact, told me that it is still under factory warranty until 50,000 miles. (Only 40, 00 on it now.) Dealer - Garber Buick, Saginaw, MI.

I told the service manage how pleased I was with their service and told him that they were much better than a Garber Chevrolet dealer in another town. He said with a smile, "Sir, we are a Buick dealer, they are not!"



January, 1, 2012 AT 4:44 AM

Historically, Buick has been a step below Cadillac in the GM luxury family tree.

Glad you've gotten it to where you can drive it with some enjoyment. Have a safe and happy new year and come back if you have any other questions and tell your friends about us.



January, 19, 2012 AT 11:37 AM


They had my car for 3 days and told me that they couldn't hear the issue. OMG. A deaf person could hear this. I have to turn up the radio and crack the window and I still hear this noise. This means that this is the sound this car makes. This is the 4th and last service appointment ( 2 different dealers), as this car is going out of warranty. They also told me that the "add oil" light going on BEFORE the "change oil" light was acceptable and to get over it as ALL cars do this today B.S.

Never again. NO GM CARS in my life. GARBAGE!

Tried to support US auto engineering and Bull Sh@#$t business practices but NO MORE! Foreign engineering for me and mine.

I DO want to thank ALL of you for chiming in and trying to help me with this. I wish all of you the best in your lives.




January, 19, 2012 AT 7:18 PM

Dseibert, I do believe you got one of those few chassis off the production line that has problems from the get-go. I've only ever had problems with Fords; all of my GM products have been dreams.

One thing, though. You mention opening the window. I know that when a rear window on most 4-door sedans is opened, it sometimes sets up a harmonic inside the car that can actually get painful. This happens when I ride in my mom's Chevy Equinox, the Cutlass Supreme she used to have, a Ford Crown Vic I've ridden in, numerous Dodges, and even Japanese 4-door vehicles. It sounds, and feels, like a train running circles inside my head.

Also, please don't blame the whole industry for shoddiness and laziness of a few employees at a dealership. That oil leak isn't normal for any car. If you can't get satisfaction through the dealer, buy a bottle of leak detector dye and find and fix the leak yourself. It'll be cheaper in the long run. And it'll be one less disclosure issue to reduce the resale value upon trade-in.

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