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Leivett Reynolds

February, 8, 2011 AT 9:20 AM

Hi - I am single female - however would like to go outback in a 4 wheel drive - being alone I require something reliable and in case of a breakdown out bush - dont want to have to wait weeks for a "part". The roads are very corrigated in many places so confort is a factor - size is not a factor as just "me". I am looking at the BMW 2008 X5 executive as it is a really stylish car - however a 2008 nissan patrol screams practicallity! I have budget of 60K for a 2008 model car - can you advise which one would suit or another model perhaps - dont know anything about 4 wheel drives Thank You - leivett


4 Wheel Drive


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February, 8, 2011 AT 10:17 AM

If you get the BMW and you have a problem you will wait some time for parts if in an out of the way place and then the local mechanics may not know what to do anyway, the Nissan is rugged and reliable but a bit of a truck to drive, if you are looking for that really out of thew way place, keep to the Nissan's and the Toyota's, Toyota will cost more than a Nissan, if not going bush in a big way, look at Subaru, comfort style and reliability all in one, but with a price tag as well.

Mark (mhpautos)



February, 24, 2011 AT 3:27 AM

Yes Ma'am,

You have been fooled into thinking of getting a "Copy Cat" Vehicle!

Why not stay with the Originators of The 4X4 Concept?

They've been around since 1940, Won Wars, Relatively EZ to Maintain. And will probably be around forever!

Yes, We're Talking J-E-E-P!

I have 2 right now. Have had 5 others also, Never owned anything else, for primary transportation!

Mhpautos, Why mislead this new member. Yes, even you have wished you had one too. Everyone has that wish. Some people make that wish come true. No lol here, this is a for real and a serious matter!

I promise, Just ride in one with a Ambitious Experienced Driver (Not a reckless Driver) You will be hooked forever!

My Primary Everyday Driver is a 1977 CJ 5, 258 (6 cyl), now with 4 bbl Holley, Many Self Made Modifications. HIS NAME: "MR. JEEP".34 years young!

My Pride and Joy is a 1946 Willys L-134 (flat head 4 cyl) He definitely draws attention. And gets those remarks, "I WISH.I WANT.". HIS NAME IS "WILLY".65 years young!

No "SISSY NAMES" here, for a Real, Tough, Proven, Manly Vehicle!

I'm gonna give you a "Willy Treat" Now, A pic looking out over the hood, while in Command! (Sorry I do not have one for Mr. Jeep) But I will make you one, if you want to experience that too. I still get that "Warm Fuzzy Feeling", like the 1st time, looking out over a Real Jeep Hood, Every time I get in.

Reliability?/ Longevity?. Keep On Reading!

They have EVERY ATTRIBUTE, and MORE, that can be desired in a vehicle.

I would like to hear your "Counter" on my recommendation, and any reasons that you feel that you cannot drive an "ELITE" Vehicle!

Your Turn

The Medic



February, 24, 2011 AT 8:13 AM

Personally I would not touch a Jeep, I have Land rovers, a 1948 Series 1 and a turbo diesel Discovery, they do me nicly thank you very much.


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