I have a 2007 Honda Civic with about 116,000.

  • 2007 HONDA CIVIC
  • 116,000 MILES
I have a 2007 Honda civic with about 116,000 miles on it. My front left tire blew out yesterday and I took it to the shop today. They replaced both front wheels--they said that the front right tire was worn out as well. As I left the shop, I noticed that the alignment still felt off--it was pulling to the left. I was going to bring it back to the shop tomorrow to get it checked. I just tried to go to the grocery store, and the front left tire blew out AGAIN! What could be causing this? My car has never even had a flat tire before yesterday.
Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 AT 1:56 AM

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Any chance the coil spring is broken? That's pretty common on Hondas, and the sharp end at the break will typically puncture the inner sidewall. They should have seen that when they examined the cause of the original blowout. Also, were they aware of the pull when they installed the new tires? A suspension and alignment inspection is always part of this kind of service. Did they warn you of any needed parts before you drove away?
Was this
Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 AT 2:52 AM

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