Bought with 80K miles, now at 107K

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Bought with 80K miles, now at 107K. Am told I need both Front and Rear rotor and pad replacements. What should I expect tp pay for this repair?

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Monday, January 28th, 2013 AT 8:38 PM

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You may or may not need to have the rotors replaced. Unless you are getting a shimmy/shake/vibration in the steering wheel when you apply the brakes from the car and the rotors are within spec they don't need to be replaced. If there are deep grooves in the rotors they can even shave down the rotors so you don't have to buy new ones. If I were you, I would just ask to have my pads replaced.

Pads run about $50-75 for the front and assuming the car has disc brakes in the back, the same. Brakes are incredibly easy to replace, yet some companies will charge an astronomical amount of $ for a simple job.

Based on the milage and year of your car I would suggest just having the pads replaced which should run somewhere around $300-400 with labor and parts.

Call a few places and get quotes on who will just replace the pads for you. Most places will want to do everything (rotors, bleed brakes and even brake calipers) and honestly, you can save yourself some money by just doing the pads for now.

Good luck!

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Monday, January 28th, 2013 AT 9:28 PM

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