2007 Ford Focus



May, 4, 2011 AT 8:35 PM

I just got my ford focus style diagnosed by mechanic they said the following problems are

Code Make Description P0299 Generic Turbo / Super Charger Underboost

Code Make Description P010F Generic Mass or Volume Air Flow "B" Circuit High

waht are these and what do I need to fix?

the mechancics did not seem assured what that ment so I am hesitant to take it back to them as they cannot give me a price quote because they claim they need to take engine apart to see the exact problem

can any one help me please?


1 Answer



May, 5, 2011 AT 12:35 PM

The turbo/supercharger underboost simply means the turbo/super cannot reach maximum boost.

While this could be a turbo/supercharger mechanical problem, it is most likely the MAF sensor.

They should start by cleaning the MAF with a MAF cleaner, if that does not help then the MAF may be needed to be changed.

By taking the "engine apart" they are talking about the turbo/supercharger. That should be LAST on the list.

Cleaning the MAF would be a good place to start.

MAF calculates volume of incoming air, so if malfunctioning, it will tell PCM that not enough air is getting into engine, which would cause the boost code.

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