Anytime that you have more than 1 person in the.

  • 2007 FORD FOCUS
  • 110,000 MILES
Anytime that you have more than 1 person in the car, the windows fog up terrible. You can run the heater & fan on high, and the car will get hot inside, but the windows will be soaked with condensation. If you crack the windows, the condensation will freeze up. This is happening on all windows. If you have the rear defroster on, as soon as it goes of, the rear window will start to fog again. With the fan on high, it will keep the front windshield clear enough to see (about 2/3 of the surface are cleared.) With one or 2 people in the vehicle, you can crack the front windows, and that will help keep them from fogging up.

I checked the coolant level, and topped it off a few months ago (1st time that I have added any since we bought the vehicle new.) And haven't had to add any since. I do not notice a coolant smell (but my sense of smell isn't the greatest.) The carpets are dry.

We took a 2 hour trip a bout a month ago, and had to wipe off the condensation from the windows every 5 - 10 minutes because it was so bad. Living in NE Ohio, we can't drive around with the windows down for a few more months yet. Thank you for your time.
Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 AT 2:34 AM

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Sounds like your heater core is leaking. Have it checked to confirm

Was this
Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 AT 2:45 AM

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