How can I replace the steering column?

  • 2006 INFINITI FX
How can I replace the steering column?
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Care must be taken not to give axial impact to steering column assembly during removal and installation.
Care must be taken not to move steering gear during removal of steering column assembly.


Set vehicle to the straight ahead-direction.
Remove driver air bag module from steering wheel.
Disconnect steering switch connector, remove steering wheel lock nut, then remove steering wheel.
Remove steering column cover.
Remove combination switch & spiral cable from steering column assembly.
Remove instrument lower panel (driver side).
Remove combination meter.

Remove fixing bolts of knee protector, then remove knee protector from vehicle.
Disconnect harness connector from each switch on steering column shaft, then separate vehicle side harness from it.

Remove lock nut and bolt, then separate lower shaft from upper joint of steering column assembly.

Remove fixing bolts and nuts from steering member, remove steering column assembly from steering member.
Remove hole cover seal and clamp.
Remove mounting nuts, then remove hole cover from panel.

Raise vehicle, then remove mounting bolts of lower joint.
Remove lower joint and lower shaft from vehicle.


Check if there is something wrong with jacket tube of steering column assembly and collar etc. And then if they are damaged, replace with new one.

If vehicle has a collision light shocked, check column length "L" as shown in the figure. Then if it is out of the specified value, replace with new one. Steering column length "L": 572 mm (22.52 inch)
Check the turning torque of steering column with preload gauge (SST). If it is out of the specified value, repair it or replace with new one. Turning torque: 0 - 0.2 Nm (0 - 0.021 kg-m, 0 - 1 inch lbs.)


Refer to PS-12, COMPONENTS for tightening torque. Install in the reverse order of removal.

NOTE: Refer to component parts location and do not reuse non-reusable parts.

After removing/installing or replacing steering components, check wheel alignment.
After adjusting wheel alignment, adjust neutral position of steering angle sensor.


Check tilt and telescopic mechanism operating range "L1", "L2" as shown in the figure. Tilt operating range "L1": 28 - 32 mm (1.1 - 1.26 inch)

Telescopic operating range "L2": 18 - 22 mm (0.71 - 0.87 inch)

Check if steering wheel operation can turn to the end of the left and right smoothly.
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