P0700 and P0705.

  • 2006 HOLDEN VIVA
  • 72,000 MILES
The approx mileage is in km's not miles.

After hitting a pothole big enough to fall in and never be found myself (lol) which completely burst my front passenger (right hand drive) and shattered the alloy to oblivion and felt like hitting a telegraph pole (or what I imagine it would feel like anyway.).

Couple of months later after that was fixed, I seemed to be (and still do) hear a ticking noise that seems to come from one of the front wheels, usually only heard when coasting down a local road slowly (such as when approaching home to park, like a tick, tick, tick that is consistent with wheel rotation speed).

On top of this I started randomly getting MIL light on (P0700 and P0705 etc) and the car defaulting to 3/4th gear and shuddering like mad if gear was changed, usually it would come ok with MIL still on, or pull over, turn off and then turn back on. After 3 starts without it happening again, it cleared itself, only to progressively happen more and more over a few months until it happened every time I drove, it was completely random and no matter the circumstance driving wise, just stopped, just started, it happened a lot.

Took it to many places, no one had a freaking clue and said it was fine (it didn't fail on them), finally researched it to the point where it seemed like the inhibitor switch, replaced it, perfect A1 for 6 months (ticking noise still present, no idea what it is or could be), but now it has started happening again (not as frequent yet, only twice in the one day).

What is going on? IF the inhibitor switch did the job for 6 months, why would it die all of a sudden (can't see any problems with it), if it's not, then why did the inhibitor switch change fix it for 6 months lol.
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Sunday, March 25th, 2012 AT 7:56 AM

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You need a compatible scantool for your Holden to narrow down the P0700 and the P0705 could lead back to the transmission range sensor/switch
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Sunday, March 25th, 2012 AT 11:02 AM

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