How could I turn a RWD regular CAB 2 door truck into a 4X4 truck?

  • 2006 GMC CANYON
  • 88,000 MILES
Hi there im saving up to buy a 2006 GMC Canyon regular cab and its a rear wheel drive and its a automatic, And I was wondering how could I turn it into a 4x4? And could I also put a lift kit on it?
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Saturday, October 6th, 2012 AT 11:01 PM

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You're going about this the worst way possible. If you're really set on owning a money pit, save a little longer and buy the truck you want. It is not practical to try to re-engineer something into a four-wheel-drive, and lift kits wreak havoc on tire wear, handling, and braking. You'll never find an experienced suspension and alignment mechanic doing that to their own vehicle. Also there's the fact that lawyers and insurance investigators love to find those kinds of modifications. They can easily shift the blame for the crash from the guy who ran the red light to you because you compromised your ability to avoid the crash.

You can plan on another two or three years worth of car payments to pay for all the parts needed for a 4wd and the labor and tools to put them on. You'll be buying enough parts to make 1 1/2 trucks. It doesn't make sense to buy what you don't want, then spend more money to try to make it what you should have bought to begin with.

What excites you about a GM product?
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Saturday, October 6th, 2012 AT 11:09 PM

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