Excessive cranking

  • 2006 DODGE RAM
  • 102,000 MILES
After sitting for an hour or more the engine will turn over too long before starting. This happened about a year ago and I replaced the pump and it fixed for a few weeks but it has gone back to doing the same thing. If you cycle the pump before actualy trying to start, the pump can be heard kicking in and then shutting off. After pump shuts off, if you proceed to start it will fire off but if you dont firdst cycle the pump it will start but takes longer than normal. Fuel pump gone bad again? I put a fuel pressure tester on it and here what happened. When I installed the gauge there was no pressure at all, read zero. Started to try and start the engine without first priming the pump and it did start but took to long. The presure sisnt jump to 50 it kinda just rose up there and when it reach 45 the engine started. It leveled out at 53 lbs running at idle. Hit the throttle real quick and the pump pressure dropped some but went right back. Turned the engine off and I could see the pressure falling. Took about 15 mins and it fell to zero. I have replaced the pump as I said about a year ago aith an air tech pump. Several people said these pumps are no good. Anyway, can this be another bad pump?
Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 AT 6:51 AM

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More likely you have a leaking injector. On engines that still use a fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail on the engine, those can leak too.
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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 AT 7:58 AM

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