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February, 18, 2011 AT 2:15 PM

Want to change power steering fluid on 2006 Acura TSX. Is it as easy as using a bulb and siphoning out the fluid in the plastic reservoir and replacing what you took out?


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February, 18, 2011 AT 2:23 PM

That would not serve much purpose as the system consists of 1.1 L whereas the reservoir contains 0.4 L and by siphoning you can most probable remove only.25 L.

Here are the procedures for fluid replacement.

Check the reservoir (A) at regular intervals, and add the recommended fluid as necessary. Always use ACURA Power Steering Fluid. Using any other type of power steering fluid or automatic transmission fluid can cause increased wear and poor steering in cold weather.

System capacity: 1.1 L (1.16 US. Qt) at disassembly

Reservoir capacity: 0.4 L (0.42 US. Qt)

1. Raise the reservoir, then disconnect the return hose (A) to drain the reservoir. Take care not to spill the fluid on the body and parts. Wipe off any spilled fluid at once.
Fig. 12: Disconnecting Return Hose (A) To Drain Reservoir

2. Connect a hose (B) of suitable diameter to the disconnected return hose, and put the hose end in a suitable container.

3. Start the engine, let it run at idle, and turn the steering wheel from lock-to-lock several times. When fluid stops running out of the hose, shut off the engine. Discard the fluid.

4. Reinstall the return hose on the reservoir.

5. Fill the reservoir to the upper level line (C).

6. Start the engine and run it at fast idle, then turn the steering from lock-to-lock several times to bleed air from the system.

7. Recheck the fluid level and add more if necessary. Do not fill the reservoir beyond the upper level line.

8. If the fluid is contaminated, dark, or discolored, repeat procedure as necessary.



February, 26, 2011 AT 3:52 PM

Thank You VERY MUCH ! You guys have been a great help, as always !



February, 27, 2011 AT 10:21 AM

You're welcome.

Have a nice day.

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