Two days ago my instrument battery warning light started to flicker on for 2-3 sec at a time.

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This morning I started my diesel 1.3CDTI engine and all was as normal. 5 miles into my journey the head lights started to go dim, My 1st thought was that the alternator had failed, I turn round and headed home. Before I made it home the power steering shut down, guessing this was driven by an electric pump I was not too concerned. One mile from my house the radio went off and a number of instrument panel light illuminated. However the van mechanically drove home fine, I parked on the driveway and the engine was running fine when I switched off the ignition. I connected a battery charger to recharge the battery, With the battery fully charged I had intended to drive the one mile to the nearest garage to have the alternator checked.
Several hours later when the battery charger showed that battery was fully charged I cranked the engine. The engine cranks over as normal but doesn't fire. It don't even try to fire. I have tried several more time since but it won't start, the only difference I have noticed is that before when I turned on the ignition for around 2 seconds I could always hear a noise similar to that what a fuel pump would make. Now when I turn the ignition on to warm the glow plug I get only silence. Don't know if this is relevant, but that is the only difference I have noticed. Help please. Glen.

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Thursday, December 1st, 2011 AT 7:13 PM

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Load test the battery and check for a blown fuse and fusible link if okay have the preheating system checked out-

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Thursday, December 1st, 2011 AT 7:28 PM

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