2005 Pontiac Vibe



December, 6, 2011 AT 2:01 AM

Check engine light came back on after repairs were made on 2005 Pontiac vibe. Gas cap replaced & purge valve solenoid. Now it indicates large leak. $200 wasted. Why is it that the electronic device indicates something different after I made the necessary repairs wrong?

Check engine light on steady - replaced gas cap and light returned, had it electronically checked again. Now it indicated purge valve solenoid. I replaced that. Again, the light came back on in 2 days. Now it indicates 2 large leaks somewhere. I already spent $200 and problem not solved. What should I do?

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December, 6, 2011 AT 2:10 AM

Fault codes never say to replace parts. They indicate the circuit or system that needs further diagnosis. The circuit should be tested to see if voltage is being applied to the solenoid. As for leaks, about the only way to find them is with a smoke machine. They inject white non-toxic smoke at 2 psi, then you look for where it's sneaking out.



December, 6, 2011 AT 2:12 AM

You need to take it to a qualified shop that has a smoke machine and people who are trained to diagnose an evap system. You cannot just throw parts at it based on the codes you get or the most likely causes. For the $200.00 you've already spent you could have had it properly diagnosed and maybe repaired.

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