2005 Hyundai XG350



June, 6, 2011 AT 4:09 PM

2005 Hyundai XG350. Installed a new radio/DVD/GPS receiver, but start to fail, so I re-installed the old one. The seller asked me to send him a video of the failures, so I disconnected the old one and installed the new one again. At this time the new one never came On, but the problem appears to be the car electrical system, because I tried back the old one and also stop working. The symptoms are: the needles of the fuel and temperature gauges eon't return back to zero, the light of the door won't come On when open doors, can't lock doors with remote control, as soon the key is in ignition and made one turn, the AC comes On. I think that the electric system has a failure due to the new device, because the wiring connections were OK (I have them in the video and I reviewed it already.)

I disconnected the negative battery but no reset of system happened. What is the problem? What to do? Can I fix it myself or needs of a special machine in a shop?


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June, 6, 2011 AT 5:34 PM

When installing new radio was the connectors cut off? Have you checked fuses?When you state "but start to fail" could you explain?



June, 6, 2011 AT 5:56 PM

Yes, but I made a big mistake, even when I did made the connections properly, I didn't disconnect the ground battery. The new device started to fail after I unpluged the iPhone from its attached socket, so I re-installed the old one for a while. After disconnecting the old one (again today) and installing the new one -to show in the video the failures- the car electric system started to fail: The AC comes On everytime I turn the ignition key On, the gauges of the fuel and temperature are frozen and won't go down, the car door light won't come on when the car is Off but they work with the car On, the electric door locks work with manual use of the key but won't work with remote control, the flashing light work but the clock won't do it.

About the new device, the problem was primary the losing of the screen with lines like interference until the screen came blank.

I have disconnected everything, this is to say, antennas and whole wires are loose, nothing is connected to the radio system, neither the speakers. I have disconnected both battery terminals for a few minutes, I have checked all the fuses, and the problem still the same. I have the feeling that if not a grounding problem, something needs to be reset.

I know that it is my mistake to install the new device without disconnecting first the ground terminal, but now I want to know what to do to fix this problem.



June, 6, 2011 AT 6:14 PM

Check some fuses in engine box left side compartment fuse #2 also in car left side dash fuses #20-24-15-25



June, 6, 2011 AT 8:56 PM

Thanks! I replaced the fuse for the clock and the system appeared to be back to normal. Everything works, except the new receiver because I have not installed it back yet.

Please, I still have a question, why a blown fuse for the clock can mess up to many things, specially making the AC coming On by itself when you turn the key on ignition?

I'm glad I asked you for the solution, as an amateur who loves fixing (messing up) his car, I learn a lot and obtain more experience from experts like you.

Thanks again, but please don't forget to give me a brief explanation of how it happens that the AC is related and affected by the clock/door remote sensor/dash fuel-temperature gauges circuit. I don't need a class with specifications but I will love to have an idea of what happened. I was so confused, because for me a blew fuse will affect only the dedicated circuit, but this back-feeding to the AC circuit is crazy to me and I would never guess that the solution was very simple: just replacing a fuse.

From my part, I will be more careful and I will disconnect the battery negative before doing this and next electrical works.



June, 6, 2011 AT 9:14 PM

Fuse 25 powers AC controler, ETAC, Audio, Instrument cluster so when it blew relay to AC closed so when key was on AC was on. Be carful what you hook up to a ground a wire that appears dead and possible ground may be live when that circuit is activated. Getting a wiring diagram and a DVOM is a must for ANY ELECTRICAL WORK.

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