Power steering

  • 2005 FORD FOCUS
Is it easy to change a power steering hose on a focus 55
Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, July 4th, 2011 AT 12:09 PM

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I am no authority on your vehicle!

I too, am a DIYer, I got my start when I decided that many of my repairs could be done by me, and after seeing several tasks, I thought to be difficult, done by another, being done with ease, I made up my mind that it was time!

This was many years ago, and I'm referring to the several Jeep CJs that I have owned/ still own.

I am a pretty handy/ mechanical kinda feller, and also associate myself with others like that (sorta like insurance)

The best item, that I ever invested in was a "Chilton Repair Manual", I still have it, and now many more too!

One of them may actually help you decide, whether to attempt the task or not. But it will be there for you, when other tasks might arise, that you are capable of.

You must get/ borrow/ or preferably own proper tools also, maybe not all at once, but over time.

I answered another really important question, not too long ago. It was to my step daughter and her (then) feller. She finally broke down and asked for assistance on her vehicle, now broke, along with her pocketbook too. Typical squandering of her fundage!

While doing an involved change-out of all of her ball joints, they were amazed at all of the tools I possessed, she asked me where I got 'em from and how much they cost. They opened the door!

From that point on, every tool I used, I calculated how many beers, singles/ 12 packs/ cases/ club cover-charges/ tickets/ reduced insurance cost savings (staying legal). That I deprived myself of, or savings that aided me in purchasing each of my tools. Just so I could aid her, so many years later!

This got to be rather humorous and fun, as I mumbled out "Tentative Scenarios" and acted them out, as we worked on her rig!

I also pointed out how long I have had them (beginning over 25 years ago) VS where would I be if I had just bought the beer. Maybe have a strong, well watered tree behind my house, and no other tangible items?

Anyway you are on the right track--inquiring to resources that will aid you, in your quest.I'm just a Ole Fuddy-Duddy I reckon

I'm gonna show you "Some" (maybe 1/3) of what I have acquired up till now. Probably gonna take an hour, to load the pics.

I still may be able to point out other resources, that may aid you, if you want to listen to your "Dad" or "Grandpa" some more. And yet other experts here can jump in and share their opinions too.

I do not work on vehicles as a paid professional, I do it out of necessity, and to aid family and friends. Seems I'm the one who did without the alcoholic beverages, for the most part!

I am a plumber/ and a "McGyver", my Jeeps haven't been to a shop, since '85. Had 7 total, still have 2 of which I have pretty much, rebuilt from nothingness. All by myself!

I know this is probably way more than you wanted to know

Keep me informed about your new venture!


The Medic
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Monday, July 4th, 2011 AT 3:01 PM

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