MY 2005 PUNTO 1

2005 Fiat Punto



October, 21, 2012 AT 7:46 PM

Hi, my 2005 punto 1.2 8valve cut out while driving. AA checked fuel & spark & towed me to garage. They found low compression even though car ran perfectly with 50 mpg. They reground a couple of valves rebuilt it & it started even though they didn't really know what had caused it to stop. 2 days & 30 miles later same thing. It stopped outside a different garage, they checked timing & replaced crank sensor but still won't start - any ideas?


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October, 22, 2012 AT 1:57 AM

It could be the piston rings or the head gasket. It seems you have covered these areas. The only problem is that two different shops did the work and they might have missed something in between the two jobs. Take it back to one of the shops that did the most work and let them determine the cause of thelow compression.

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