I have a Chevy Aveo 2005

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I have a chevy aveo 2005. I recently put in new cv joints (both) and between 20 and 30 mph in a straight line, I get a minor vibration and voom noise I can feel and hear through the drivers floor board. Ive put 200 miles on it on the interstate and the noise / vibration never changed. The noise goes away over 30 mph. It makes no noise in turns or anything like that. It never did it before so why now. I did smack the spindle ends in twice with a mallet and block of wood to mate with the x-msn. I put on new spindle nuts and put them on with an impact wrench. Did I do something wrong or is there a "Break-in time"?
All is tight and double checked with NO leaks. Thanks in advance!

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Friday, March 8th, 2013 AT 3:43 AM

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Are you saying you torqued the axle nut to its precise setting with an impact and not with a click-type torque wrench? The instructions that came with the new outer cv joint lists the torque spec. It's typically 180 foot pounds but many GM vehicles require as much as 240 foot pounds. Impact guns easily reach much more than that and will pound the ball bearings into the races and dent them making them noisy.

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Friday, March 8th, 2013 AT 10:21 AM

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