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May, 17, 2012 AT 11:16 PM

'06 Cadillac SRX V-6 3.6. Towing Package Engine Driven Fan. Want to Swap over to the Dual Hi-Low Electric Fans. Have the Electric Fan Unit. How does it wire up so that both the fans work properly. This is a retro Fit as Some SRX's came with the H/D Tow Package (The engine driven Fan). The Fan Assembly is not serviceable. The Replacement unit is really expensive. I bought the OEM Electrical Fan complete assembly for much less. We don't tow much. The Electric Fans were an option on the SRX, so I would think that the Electrical Wiring might be available even though it wasn't used. Thank you for your assistance.


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May, 18, 2012 AT 7:38 AM

Leave it the way it is dont open a can of worms



May, 18, 2012 AT 8:17 AM


I would, but I can't. Seems OEM Cadillac couldn't either since every SRX after 2008 was fitted with Electric Fans only.

BMW did this on their Model Cars also. Jettisoning the Engine/Belt Driven Fan in favour of the Electric ones from 2005 & on.

I'm wondering. Maybe those engineers at both the Companies "Know Something".

I guess I'll just have to muscle through doing the retro-fit without any assistance other than Don't.

I'm a but disappointed, really. I'm an Emigrant from the GWN, .I always thought & respectfully presumed that American's were CAN-do instead of Don't do people.

So much for American exceptionalism.

Welc. Oh, my bad, sorry: - Bienvenidos al usted a SomaliAmerika.




May, 18, 2012 AT 6:38 PM

Ill be here for help if this what u want this. We are all here!



May, 18, 2012 AT 7:32 PM


Cheers for the follow-up.

We have a Saying on a poster at our warehouse: "Problems are just opportunities to learn something new!".

Just thought we all could learn something in the process of at least trying & ferreting out the ins & outs of accomplishing it.

I think this type of attitude is what allowed 2 Wrights to make a wrong out of the prevailing attitude & assessment of the day about "Flight".

Sorry, I'm just one of those "eager" Adopted Americans.




May, 18, 2012 AT 8:43 PM

I need to know what parts you have.U will need the fan assy. All the electrial harness. Fan control module and all the fan relays and harnesses.



May, 18, 2012 AT 8:57 PM

Hey there,

What I have is this: -

Fan Assembly with the 2 Fans, OEM Plugs.

I am hoping for a PnP Install with the Pig-Tail Plugs & wiring already "There" & available in the present wiring harness with the need to just pop in the 2 relays in the fuse-box (there is connectors beneath where the Relays plug into at the fuse box so I'm thinking "Connectors ='s Wiring already there & ready to PnP) to finalise the retro-fit install.(I'm optimistic as the BMW Models were PnP).

What I just finally figured out as a "Stop-Gap" procedure for the interim while I sort out that actual feasibility of OEM Wiring availability & a PnP Install is that I procured 2 Thermo-Fan-Switches off of eBay. They are Adjustable with the Temp's Noted on the Dials with a Capillary Temp. Probe.

I will wire those in with Relays & Fuses & set them respectfully & accordingly to come on according to Radiator Core Temps with the Capillary probes fitted at different places in the Radiator Core after acquiring a temperature "Map" using an infrared laser thermometer to record the ambient Temps of different aspects of the Radiator Core.

That way, I can have my Cake NOW, & hopefully figure things out as to the retro-fit.

Worse case Scenario.

I'll have to abandon my hope for a PnP install but at least I'll have a properly wired up relay & fused circuit to respectfully actuate each fan as they should be as close to OEM Design as possible.

What say you.

Cheers for the follow-up!



May, 19, 2012 AT 12:24 AM

You will need to remove the entire sys. Remove the rad. Youll need the fans, relays, fan module and the complete harness to the connector on the firewall. Remove the wiring connector isolate all your fan and relay harnesses. You will need to remove the tape off the wires. Follow all the wires back to the firewall connector tape off all the rad. And relay wires at the firewall connector cut all the rest then remove the sys. From the firewall connector to the rad. Then u remove your firewall connector and remove the proper wires and install the new wiring and sys. This is the only way.

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