11/22/10 with 82, 193 miles.

  • 2005 ACURA MDX
  • 10,700 MILES
11/22/10 with 82, 193 miles

November 2008 I hit a deer traveling 65mph. My car was repaired to the tune of $7600 with front end damage.

Since then I had my car back in the Acura dealership for numerous repairs, my serpentine belt replaced 5 times, two alternators replaced, two tensioner sets replaced, front and side engine mount bolts broken and replaced and having the spark plugs replaced because of misfiring. The service advisor explains to me this is all "normal wear and tear." My car presently has 107,000
I disagree with him stating the car frame/aliment must be off somehow for the belts and other engine parts to continually fail. I have contacted my insurance company GEIGO and waiting to hear if they will reopen the claim.

What is your opinion on all these parts failing in a $40,000 car?
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Monday, October 22nd, 2012 AT 1:59 PM

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A belt replaced 5 times is not normaly wear and tear. Something is misaligned to cause that as well as the two alternators, although the alternator could have gone out due to poor parts. If the engine g mounts were broken then that should have been fixed, but woldnt' cause the belt wear. And spark plugs would bea tossup due to mileage of car.
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Monday, October 22nd, 2012 AT 2:10 PM

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