2004 Volvo XC70



June, 28, 2011 AT 1:26 AM

Intermittent problem when the temperature is ove 80 degrees (it seems). The car will hic-up, feels like I hit a pot-hole, once or twice or more. Then the instrument panel goes black. Sometimes ABS and air bag warning lights come on briefly before it goes black. The car continues to run just fine, but the signal & brake lights don't work and windows don't go up. Happened for the first time a year ago - I freaked and had it towed, mechanic found nothing the next day. Took it to Volvo dealer, the upgraded the computer, otherwise no idea. But it keeps happening intermittendly, twice last summer - June and August, now twice alread this year, usually on a shopping trip, i.E. Driving short disances, parking, driving again. Last time it happened I parked for 1/2 hour and everything came back on and I drove home, except SRS light stays on, has to be reset. Why is this happening? I'm afraid to drive this car I love. HELP


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June, 28, 2011 AT 6:38 AM

Seems like you have a CANBus problem somewhere in the low speed? It can be a fault with one of the control modules going down and taking down the rest of the network down with it or a problem in the wiring? A full scan of the system needs to be done and be ready to leave it there for a while so that they can try and figure out what is going on?



June, 26, 2012 AT 12:45 PM

Hi Renie,
I am having exactly the same problems, driving xc70 2004.
Did you fix it up? What was the issue and how much you paid.
I am thinking to sell it, and get something new.



June, 27, 2012 AT 6:16 PM

No, I have not had this repaired. SRS warning light still on, but inspection reveals no problem, just computer needs to be re-set. Nobody seems to know what is going on, have a problem finding someone I can trust. Dealer says I need a whole new control panel @ $1,300 ! So far no problem this year, just holding my breath

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