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4 wheel drive not engaging, but get pretty blinking lights on two / four wheel drive indicator. How c an I fie, repair this?

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 AT 10:41 AM

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Start by checking for trouble codes.

Retrieving trouble codes. (DTC Check)

1. Check 2WD/4WD indicator operations.
2. With ignition switch OFF position and using service wire (1), connect diagnosis switch terminal ("PNK" wire) (2) to ground terminal ("BLK" ire) (3) in diagnosis connector (4).
3. With ignition switch ON position and leaving engine OFF, read DTC from flashing pattern of 2WD/4WD indicator which represents DTC as shown in example below and write it down.
4. After completing the check, turn ignition switch OFF, disconnect service wire from diagnosis connector.

NOTE: l DTC No. 12 means none of the malfunction DTCs is identified.
L When more than 2 DTCs are stored in memory, flashing for each DTC is repeated three times starting with the smallest DTC number in
increasing order. And flashing of these codes is repeated as long as diagnosis terminal is grounded and ignition switch is ON position.

Clearing trouble codes.

1. Turn ignition switch to ON position.
2. Using service wire (1), connect diagnosis switch terminal ("PNK" wire) (2) to ground terminal ("BLK" wire) (3) in diagnosis connector (4) more than 5 times at about 1 second interval within 10 seconds.
3. Wait more than 9 seconds.
4. Perform DTC CHECK and confirm that DTC No. 12 is displayed.

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