2004 Subaru Forester



March, 19, 2011 AT 1:18 PM

I had my oil changed on 11/1/10 at a drive-thru Valvoline place and provided an OEM oil filter. I've done this for several years without problem. About 2 months later I started noticing a burnt rubber smell so I had the oil checked and it was no oil in it. I was surprised that there were no oil spots on my garage floor, but a friend told me I might not see it because of the front skid plate. So I put some oil in it and took it back to the Valvoline place and they discovered that the filter had not been securely tightened so they changed the filter and replaced the oil. They refunded the cost of the last oil change and had me report what happened to their corporate office in case any other problems arose that could be related to driving it without any oil in it. Since then, I've heard a whining noise that gets higher pitched as I accelerate until I can't hear it anymore and the burnt rubber smell is really bad inside the car like something is overheating but the temperature gauge doesn't reflect any increase. Could this be related to the faulty oil change by Valvoline? If not, what do I need to have checked out and can you provide a cost estimate? Thanks for your help. Pamela N, Knoxville, TN


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March, 20, 2011 AT 6:37 PM

Loss of engine oil could cause major damages to the engine but it would be knocking noises during acceleration instead of whining noise.
Hope the oil loss has not damaged the engine, if not you might be looking at an engine replacement.
The burning smell could be due to oil getting to the exhaust system and if the leak has stopped, the smell should go away in a while.
Without the physical it is not possibe to determine what is causing the whining noise and you would have to refer to someone who can perform a test drive to try to locate the source.

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