It all started with my heat not working

  • 11,000 MILES
It all started with my heat not working. I brought it to mechanic they put in thermostat and I think heat coil. Month later noticed it leaking anti freeze but no leaks they put some kind of sealant and said if that dont work I am gonna need a head gasket job. Whick I end did. 3 weeks later its leaking antifreeze the whole time. So I kept the car off the road and installed a new water pump hoping that was the problem. So the I noticed my cooling fans were not going on and when the car was getting hot the antifreeze was leaking from the resovior. So now this is the problem I am having now I put in a relay and the fans kicked onand car was working fine, but I noticed they always stayed on and a week later they stopped working. And I put relays in fan1 and fan2 and fan mode which I thin controls the temp to tell when the fans should kick on not 100% sure. The only thing I forgot to do is check the liite maybe 15 or 20 amp thats in the relay box. I was thinking if I cant get it to work to run it fan to the battery with a on and of swtich until my taxexs come in so I can bring to get checked out. Any help on what you might think would be great. Also since then my ac dont work the button dont light up anymore on a/c
Thursday, January 31st, 2013 AT 1:50 PM

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Have a pro look at it, you may still have a head/intake gasket problem causing th overheat. You may also have a bad coolant tmep sensor.
Was this
Thursday, January 31st, 2013 AT 2:28 PM

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