2004 Mazda 6



March, 30, 2013 AT 12:09 PM

Cam code p0340. Have changed cam sensor and crank sensor, crank was installed with correct tools. Checked cam timing with the bar across the back, it was ok. After repairs veicle won't start. If I adjust crank sensor too the top of adjustment it will run. Trhottle vehicle and code p0340 comes back.


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March, 30, 2013 AT 1:19 PM

The symptoms of this code (listing them here so when people search they may find this thread in the future): - hard start or no start
- rough idle
- lack of power
- broken down on the side of the road

Though it may seem obvious to just run out and replace the sensor (since it's so easy to install), don't count on it fixing your problem. It does for some, but for others not so much. Here is a list of things to try: - check the plug and wiring leading to the cam position sensor. This sensor plugs in on the left side of the valve cover, toward the front of the valve cover. It's the only sensor there, can't miss it.
- unplug rear oxygen sensor. Don't ask why, but it has worked for at least one person. There may be a short in the wiring.
- Check for voltage continuity for the cam position sensor. CMP (CaM Position) sensor terminal A and PCM (ECU) terminal 85 CMP sensor terminal B and PCM terminal 86.
- check the wiring to the crank position sensor, and the sensor itself. Check for voltage and continuity on that sensor as well (need to dig up the ecu pins for it)
- replace the cam position sensor



March, 30, 2013 AT 1:25 PM

Check the vacuum line that goes from the intake manifold to the EGR boost sensor which is mounted on the fire wall. Make sure its not craked or broken. There has been some talk about the P0340 being a kinda "scapegoat code, " meaning it may set even when the problem is with a different system (other than the camshaft sensor).

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