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Thank you for taking my question. Last year december 2011 I brought my car to my mechanic for I was experiencing a terrible creaking, scraping and grinding noise coming from the front end of the car. I reserviced the entire front end of my v6 accord as per dealer's standard suggestion at app. 105k miles. The bill for everything was 2k. All tie rods and motor mounts were replaced among other things. 2 months later my front wheel totally fell off the axle after hitting a bump and the axle cracked in half. I was in NY at the time and the mechanic in NY said that the 'ball joints' were totally worn down. He blamed the first mechanic for negligence. Total bill $320.

now its october 2012 and I once again am experiencing the same creaking scraping grinding noise coming from the front end driver side. (I dont remember if it was the same side as last). The details of the noises are as follows: the longer I drive the car the worse it gets. Every time I turn the wheel it groans and every bump agitates it further. Basically any motion makes it squeak and its not the brakes. Its like a screeching scraping sound. So then I brought it to a different mechanic who inspected the car and said everything looked fine and suggested that we wait to see if gets worse. A couple of weeks later I brought it back to him and he found that the "air boot" (or something like that - the thing that prevents dirt and rocks from getting into the wheel joints) was unattached, he then fixed it and claimed that rocks were getting into the wheel joints and were the source of the noise, he proceeded to grease it up and fix it.
now its a week later and the creaky noise is back and worse then ever. Please please help me try to diagnose the issue properly so that I dont get ripped off again.

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Jeffrey Baum
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Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 AT 7:06 PM

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The part that has the dust seal should be a ball joint and it lacks lubrication resulting in the noise. You should have it replaced to solve the problem. Whoever did the job did not replace the part or do a good one in the first place and the quality of the ball joint is suspect if it was replaced previously.
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Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 AT 7:24 PM

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