2004 Ford Focus



November, 2, 2012 AT 12:21 PM

Hi there my focus was at a juction when the engine made a noise first thought the exaust came off but wasnt that the car makes anoise when in it but from out side sounds ok when you try to drive it makes a nocking noise . And no power at all


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November, 2, 2012 AT 12:31 PM

There are literally hundreds of things that can make noise and different sounds. All impossible to diagnose without hearing. I suggest you let a professional listen to it and get their opinion. We need some facts before we can give you any advice.



November, 4, 2012 AT 2:18 AM

I just pased the 85 000km point. My car has been displaying extremely odd symptoms, I noticed the valve cover gasket was not tight, (i suspect loose or improperly torfques bolts, I gave it a little tightening and found almost every =bolt simply snug, not tight at all anymore, and there was a slight oil leak, so a quick couple turns and it is nice and snug The part that confuses me is that the car seems to be having sporadic power issues, sometimes it is scary powerful out of nowhere surge, with crazy torque, but more commonly appears to gradually be loosing its power (the majority of the time) Don't get me wrong the car has nuts 4 sure, its going to be deadly in the snow. The crazy power surge happened today (as I haven't seen much latetly, I swear the car accellerated in the rain twice as fast as i've ever seen it do prior, mad torque it blew through a light 20 km/h floored the pedal it and the front end lifted right up and powered the acceleration into what appears to ligtup.

Now I know that. There are many, MANY factors to check and things that it could be, but the reason I posted is because of what transpired tonight. I had been driving in city traffic for about 1.15 hours, just dropped a friend off (30 minutres before hand he said holy shit and grabbed the handle (just as I said holy shit, because of the front end lifting right up and literally ripped through the intersection like a lamburghini. So I dropped him off, and it sounded and smelled (from inside as I had very recently developed a good exhaust leak, THen the yellow light (alternator or engine? Illuminated and remained on untill I turned off the ignition also the entire time it felt like it was running very rich and almost choking or flooding l

So once again
1 Power fluctuations
2. Slight Smell of oil burning? But deffinately the belt, as stretched and shiney.
3, Then the (what looks like alternator or not charging light comes on)
i will check the charging system, I am curious if this is an injector problem, computer, or optrher?

Any updates guys?

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