I purchased this trk and brought to mechanic to.

  • 2004 FORD F-250
  • 210,000 MILES
I purchased this trk and brought to mechanic to install diesel computer board since not starting in cold, now 9 wks later my mechanic tells me that although I had lights and gauges and radio when I dropped off that now none of the gauges or radio are working and the back lights are dim as if not getting enough power. He says all fuses good and checked ignition, hes at his wits end and said he cant get the full electrical schematic and doesnt want to start tearing apart the dash(I dont want him to do that either) any ideas I really need me truck
Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 AT 5:25 PM

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You have 2 fusible links at top of engine with gray wires, they lead to glow plugs, and 3 fusilbe links at right rear of eng compartment that lead off of battery and one to alternator. They all have gray wires. Check to see if 1 or 2 are burnt. Check the ground at the left rear of truck possibly the frame for cleanliness and then if lightsare a problem check trailer harness if you have one.
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Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 AT 6:05 PM

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