On a Scudo jtd rhw engine were are the glow.

  • 2004 FIAT SCUDO
  • 222,564 MILES
On a Scudo jtd rhw engine were are the glow plugs
Thursday, November 1st, 2012 AT 3:17 PM

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Changing the glow plugs on a Fiat Scudo 2.0 JTD 16v 110cv -RHW / DW10ATED4 engine.
On the rear of the cylinder head, above the exhaust manifold and between the ports.
You've got to remove the wheel arch liners, bumper, grill, headlight frame c/w lights, inter-cooler & radiator, air intake system from manifold back to and including air filter housing & MAF sensor, battery and all of the gizmos attached under the top lip of the bulkhead. Remove P/S fluid bottle, support engine on a trolley jack and remove driver's side engine mounting. Lever the engine forward from this side and you will get just enough space. Then the coolant pipes from the bulkhead, the EGR pipe, cooler & valve come off. After this you can get at the glow plugs. There are four 8mm nuts holding the positive electrical plate across the tops of the 4 plugs, remove them and move the plate aside and you can then remove the plugs with a 10mm long reach socket. Fit new plugs and re-assemble the car. What else would you expect from a Peugeot engine? Easy-peasy!
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