2004 DODGE 1500 W5

2004 Dodge Truck



January, 26, 2013 AT 8:46 PM

2004 dodge 1500 w/5.7 litre Hemi while cruising at around 20-30 mph under steady pressure on the pedal, the Rom begins to fluctuate and at times will stall. Checked for codes and had a p0404 in memory. Erased code and it does not come back but problem persists. Tried watching pods on a genesis scan tool but it is a piece of cheap and I could not see anything out of the ordinary. Any suggestions

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January, 28, 2013 AT 10:26 PM

It sounds to me like your EGR valve is toast or may need to be cleaned. Here is a link of how to change it out (and the P0404 code description)


There is a complete walkthrough for you as well as diagrams!

Good luck.

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