2004 Chrysler Pacifica



October, 3, 2012 AT 2:08 AM

I have a 2004 PAC, I recently bought it from an auction with 110,894mi in NH, I dont have many problems but minor issues that I can't figure out. When I put the car in reverse I can feel the transmission shift gear and as I reverse straight it doesnt make a noise, but as I turn the wheel its makes a thuding literally as the wheel moves it goes thud, thud, thud as I continue turning. Then I put it in drive and turn the wheel and it makes a similar thud as if I was reversing but just once but a firm thud. I don't know if its the steering or if it as to do with the reversing issue? Any advice would be thankful and any basic information or things I should look for due to the high mileage to pay attention to would be grateful. F.Y.I. I also think I need engine mounts after doing some research today with PAC common problems, don't know if it has to do with reversing and steering?

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October, 3, 2012 AT 2:51 AM

The front mount is common.

It sounds like an axle is making your continuous noise.

Have them checked to verify


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